NFL Flag SOC League Rules

NFL Flag South Orange County was formed to promote exercise in a safe, fun environment!  In addition to football skills, our young athletes will learn lessons in teamwork and sportsmanship.  With these goals in mind, please adhere to the following rules.

Player Safety Rules:

Pants must have no pockets or belt loops.

Jerseys must be tucked in.

Mouthguards must be worn when on the playing field.

Soccer, baseball or football cleats are recommended.

School/Field Rules:

No smoking is allowed on campus.

No metal cleats allowed. 

No food or drinks (except water) on the field.  Snacks can be served on the asphalt only.

No pets allowed.

Coach Rules:

All players will play at least 2 periods of offense and 2 periods of defense.  Every attempt should be made to have equal playing time for all players on the team.

To show good sportsmanship, any team leading by 21 points or more should allow the losing team to score before increasing their
lead. The goal here is fun!

Positive language is required.

NFL Flag South Orange County will not permit the use of inappropriate, offensive and or negative language directed at players,
coaches, referees or parents.  At our discretion, we reserve the right to remove anyone from either the game or the league at any time.