John Wooden said "I'm glad I was a teacher." What about you?

"From my past experience, I can tell you the relationship that I have developed with my son and our players over the past three seasons is one of the most rewarding and life changing things I have ever done." Coach Adam

"I have coached multiple sports on both the East and West Coasts and believe NFL Flag South Orange County is the most organized and well run league that I've ever been associated. The coaching commitment is not overwhelming (one practice and game per week) and, most important, it is a ton of fun....both for the kids and me!" Coach Karl

Here is some basic information:

1. Time Commitment: coaches determine the best practice day, time and location. We will assist you with any liability insurance or necessary permits, if needed. Most teams practice 1 (2 maximum) times per week for 60-90 minutes, depending on age division. Games are 40 minutes long on Saturdays.

2. Player Requests: coaches may select up to 5 players. The league reserves the right to fill the balance of the team based on player requests, geographical considerations, school attended or stated skill set.

3. Player Rotations: we are a participation-based league, but we do not "grid" participants. We expect all players to play 2 periods offense and 2 periods defense. When players are absent, you have the latitude to determine appropriate rotations.

4. Teaching: our goal is that all players have fun, learn about flag football and become part of a team.

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